Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) Film Production – Level 7

Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) Film Production – Level 7

Why study this course:

Are you the next major film producer? Are you wanting to turn your favourite hobby into a rewarding creative career in film production?

With the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film Production) you learn the skills to:

  • communicate compelling messages and tell stories through film and,
  • become a film producer on a range of mediums.

Made up of 360 credits taught over three years and finishing with your choice of a capstone project of your own design or an internship undertaken in industry during your final year

Film Production Capstone Project 

The Film Production Capstone Project offers offers you the opportunity to design and execute a project in an area of your choice helping you to develop a deeper understanding of your chosen field. 

Film Production Capstone Internship

The Capstone Internship is a project undertaken in an industry setting over 16 weeks (or 1 Semester). 

Career outcomes: 

When you complete the BAA in Film Production you will have the skills to manage and produce independent film projects and to work in: 

  • film editing
  • pre and post production and
  • storytelling using visual and cinematic language.

Study pathways:

You can go on to postgraduate studies including Masters 

Philosophy and Psychology
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Art History and Constructing Digital Images
Production Project
Sociology and Media Studies
Cinematic Storytelling I
Cinematic Storytelling II
Project Pre-Production
Project Ideation
Film Production Capstone Project
Film Capstone Internship